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Silver is his real name that is correct. But that's not what is important right now (though that will come into play to be very important later.) What is important is the setting. It was a snowy day in New York and Silver was incognito as a normal citizen rather than a prince from the shadow realm. Most people would look at him as if he were strange if he was to inform people that he was royalty. Well ok at first they would look at him strange then laugh as if he what he said was hyperbole but he was merely speaking truth. Although the stories he told about his royal adventures were farcical but most tall tales on earth are this way are they not? But in some way his stories hold true to what he said.

The way people just walked past him brushing him off Silver did not mind for he liked this kind of treatment... That's why he came to earth, to this realm to get away from people looking at him in mesmerism. Sure he had the blue eyes that reflected the sky, the snow white hair with specks of black that shine in the mere light... Almost as if the pure white snow were tarnished in that way do to the black strands... The way his figure was well built... But yet his face always had that kind of kindness that no one would suspect he did anything wrong... But yet his inner demon craved for blood when confronted by battle... But with that put aside people also looked at him because he was royalty here... So Silver was fortuitous that he came to earth because now maybe he can finally be at peace...

Before even thinking of coming here to earth Silver learned all about it. So if anyone were to ask him directions to anywhere he would say in an omniscient tone of where to go... Silver was like a sponge he could assimilate anything he read even by scanning which was again fortuitous for him since he didn't need any escorts... When a man approached him he could of sworn that he was from his realm and started to back up... Seeing the map though the guy was taking out Silver exhaled and relax as the man came up to him.

"Excuse me but do you know how to get here?" The man said pointing a place on the map, "Because my wife and I we got lost and you see-" The man said as he discursive on and on about his problems... In all honesty Silver could care less but he might as well help the man... HE took the map and turned it so it was facing the right way.

"There now try finding your way." Silver said with a small sigh and started to walk the man almost flinched at the piercing eyes of Silver... Yet it was almost like they were ennui to the world around him... Now for Silver the problem is that he's not cognizant of the realm he was in... Soon though he will learn the hard ways of earth... You can't get everything you want like you can in royalty... Maybe even when he goes back to his own realm it will all be destroyed but he will come to terms with what he has lost... What he has fain and what he will look forward to in the future.


I didn't really know where to go or what to do... All I knew is what you wanted me to.... Those lines of yours, dear, always run through my mind. How could they not...? How long have we been married by now? Three? Five hundred years? God only knows correct? Sighing gently I wonder now why I ran away from where I was from? What was it that drove me away? So many questions seem to push its way into my fragile mind. As I looked to the earth's clouded sky where the white ice seem to fall gently to the earth... No snowflake was the same sure... But you always wondered if there was even just the slightest that somewhere... Out there... That there was a snowflake exactly like the ones you see in front of your face... Not anyone I know though thinks about this but somehow I do. I've only been on earth for about a few minutes and already my thoughts trouble me. Pushing anything else that seem to want to invade I peruse in concentrating on walking. Listening the earth below me crunch I take note of how many snowflake lives I'm killing with each. Chuckling softly to myself I squat down and start to trace... Time seem to go by and with each passing person they seem to stare probably wondering about my sanity... Earth mind are so closed to everything else around them.

"Excuse me, but if I may ask... What the fuck are you doing?" Is the only thing that seem to break my child tendency of playing with something new. I looked to the voice raising an eyebrow, wondering what the word 'fuck' means. But that will be saved for another day all I can suspect is that it's fowl language.

"Naze anata wa sono yōna koto o kiku no? Anata ga mae ni yuki no naka de otona no otoko no purē o mita koto ga nai to nani ga mondaina nodeshou ka?" I said in a nonchalant tone raising an eyebrow getting my Japanese right... Too bad this place only spoke English but seeing the man's face made me slowly grin almost laughing...  Too funny was the expression on this stupid American.

"What the fucking hell was that? Some kind of gibberish?! Are you TRYING to start something?!" The gorilla said coming close and spitting the words in my face... Though this man was so much taller than me (also considering the fact that I am about six foot this man almost towered over be BY a foot.) So looking up the man's nose I couldn't avoid. I took in the fact that he was wearing some street dirty like clothes... Was he a hobo or a gang leader/goon? Unknown to me I tried to get a good look at his face... Scruff and his tooth... Ick... Yellow... Anyone ever heard of a thing called dental hygiene? I guess not judging by his breath and how much it smelled of a dead corpse I wonder if he is a cannibal...? Weird thoughts to be having now... Now how to get myself out of this situation? Ah right...

Grabbing his hand and bent it back so far the sound of a POP could be heard... Throwing him into the street cars would skid as I walked on by as if nothing happened. Not seeing if he got hit not something I did for those I disliked. But now people look at me in a different light... Dangerous. Their guessable looks can be confirmed. I am not the type to let poking and probing to go unnoticed, everything has consequences and I was determined to make that pretty clear for all to see. Almost as if the sea was parted and I was moses people moved... But it wasn't long before I heard the sirens of police cars...


I dunno how long I've been hiding here... Weeks... Months days... Hours... The outside world is unknown to me since it always looks like it's nighttime in the city...
"Cedric you haven't been here that long stop making your stories over the top..."
Came a familiar voice from behind me I felt arms encircle my waist as she-
"Stop writing everything I am doing!"
Sighing I turned off the screen to look at my lover... In her seafoam like eyes that seem to pierce through my own dark brown ones...
"I'm sorry Eric but you're just an inspiration to me... How can I not...?"
he kissed me gently on the lips slowly snickering against them almost laughing, "How can you not? A very simple yet easy answer there is... You don't have to look hard my writer..."
I frowned pushing him away before making the screen come back to life... "Easy answer for you but not for me... I can't seem to find inspiration anywhere else. You know this yet you're always so against me writing my books about you."
"Because I don't want you to write about our adventures to other people!" Eric growled low when  he pushed back slamming the door as he left... Sighing I looked to my screen... he's right in a way maybe I just have to go out and explore the city some... After just moving here I haven't really left my writing room... I muttered to myself in my mind pushing away the curtains looking about... But what was I looking for? Something... ANYTHING exciting and just when I had given up hope... A sound rang into my ears and not just any sound... A police siren... THAT'S what I need! Something exciting! Watching a young man race across the way I knew who they were after...With a slow grin I jumped out of the window and decided to follow him... Now whether or not this could be my story is unknown... But all I know is that I want to talk to him... To see how his life is! Something fresh! Something new! ANYTHING... That's when it all began when I knew... That my destiny was unfolding.


I wasn't fully aware that I was being followed all I knew is that the world was too loud... And I just happen to run into a bad neighborhood...  Not that I'm saying all New York city is bad but in every city there is always a bad neighborhood SOMEWHERE... But at the time I didn't know about this I just knew the basic of earth places... Malls and such I learned about the good in earth... Not the bad and ugly... Not about police... I thought I knew it all until this day... I was in stealth mode or at least I THOUGHT I was the police just zoomed right past me the screeching of their sirens fading in the distance... I stood there though not even moving even though I was in stealth mode I still didn't want to take the chance and move then everything would be ruined... Hearing footsteps I held my breath as a mortal... A MALE mortal stopped in front of me staring at me... The thing that caught my attention the most were his eyes they reminded me of home... But he seemed to stare at me breathless clutching onto a pole next to him.
"F...Inally... Caught...You..." He said bending his knees forward placing his hands down crouching...
"God you're just a speed demon aren't you? Wonder what you would be like driving." He laughed but the people that passed him glared but overall the air seemed silent and eerie...
"H-How can you see me?!" I blurted out frustrated by this man and more over myself...
"Quite easily you're visible aren't you? Not a ghost right?"
"Ghost...?" I frowned cocking my head to the side questioningly.
"God what ARE they teaching kids in schools nowadays...? How can you not know what the fuck a ghost is? Been living under a rock? Your parents some kind of psychos and make you eat tofu every night? Well?" He said shaking his head when a gunshot went off is when he grabbed my arm. "Nevermind that let's go. NOW."
"B-But... I want to-"
"There's no time for that now!" He got irritated with me... ME how dare he use that tone with me?! The next thing I knew though before I can even protest was that I was slung over his shoulder like a sack of red Beezle beckles...
Struggling under his grip I growled, "In the name of Prince Silver Lampter I order you to put me down now! You...You... SWINE!" But even though I was pretty loud enough to be heard we were running. "Put me down! Put me down! Pompous prude!"
He growled growing very impatient. "Fine you want to be put down?!" And just as easily as he picked me up he threw me down, "There you're down... See ya." And with that he gave a military solute and ran like his ass was on fire. I huffed sitting there crossing my arms over my chest... As if I PRINCE Silver Lampter can ever get HURT! I thought to myself boasting my ego up by ten fold.  As I got up though a bullet came zooming by my ear and just as the guy I ran too...Like my own ass was on fire soon coming up behind him rushing into a near by building complex... He held open the door for me ushering me in,
"Hurry up slow poke or we're both dead meat on the side walk!"
I ran in though of course I did! What ELSE was I supposed to do?


I slammed the door shut double bolting it hopefully those guys won't track us in here... Bad thinking there after all I do have a dog (who I swear is the size of a brown bear) and he can plus will bite off there heads... No guns can stop this fella... Looking at the young man who is now in my domain I grinned,
"Welcome to my cave Silver." Saying his name so smoothly... It practically melted off my tongue and it tasted like... Chocolate... Looking at him though I could definably tell that he was not from this world... Then where exactly was he from? Another country? Highly doubtful but still don't want to be a bad host.
"My name is-"
"Listen I don't care for your name." He said bitterly almost spitting the words to me.
"-Cedric." I said finishing my sentence shaking my head, "Listen kid I just fucking saved your life the least you can DO is respect your elders!"
"Elders?! Ha! I'm more older than you by about a thousand or so years."
"What the hell are you talking about?" I said sighing rubbing my temples forgetting all about the story.
"I'm talking about where I come from I live longer than your grand grand grand children! I am about a thousand and 47 years old! Don't underestimate me!"
"Kid... Honestly... I think you need to see a psychiatrist a little insane in the membrane if ya know what I mean."
He frowned at this scratching his head, "No... I don't."
"Wow... Seriously... Kid. You're killing me quite literally I don't need a heart attack at the age of 21... Thanks but no thanks maybe I should of shut the door in your face and left you to die..." I muttered to myself under my breath.
"Well I never." He huffed crossing his arms over his chest. For the moment of silence that's when I took the time to observe him... His posture was elegant and he looked to be well groomed... He almost glowed in my eyes. Seriously. Where did this kid come from!? I shook my head rubbing my forehead.
"Just shut up come on... I'll take you to the extra room." I grabbed his arm pulling him up when Erica walked into the room... Her face in confusion looking about...
"Dude... Who are you talking to?"
"The guy...You know... Right here?" I said holding up Silver's arm.
"Suuure alright man whatever you say... Anyways I'm heading out. Text me later when you have your head together." Erica snickered her red plump lips stretching in such... Her face getting those small crows feet around her eyes... His forehead showed laugh line coming over she kissed me gently.
"You need to get out of here Cedric... Take a ride somewhere and walk around a park... I don't care just get out of this place you're going bat shit crazy man. I love you but if these keeps going on I dunno..."
I sighed shaking my head no he was wrong... All wrong I know he is... I looked to Silver he was snickering though in confidence... That sly little bastard somehow I can see him... But Erica can't so I sighed in agreement.
"Alright... Later on in the evening I'll go somewhere... There happy?"
Erica smiled and nodded. "Yes very happy thank you..." And with a nuzzle she pulled back then walked out... But my anger was just getting started I growled at Silver.
"What the fuck is going on?! Why couldn't he see you?!"
Silver though nonchalantly answered his eyes dancing with joy now... The joy I wanted to smack out of his smudge face. "Because I am concealed under a cloaking device..."
I rubbed my eyes in irritation I was SERIOUSLY about to hit this guy but instead I dragged him. He was fighting against me clawing at me trying to get free. I threw him into the extra bedroom and locked the door. Thankfully it could lock on the outside only... There were no keys to get out. Right now I need to straighten out my head. I thought to myself head to the kitchen boiling up some tea... Grabbing my cup I looked out the window. Now I regret my wish lord take it back. I thought to myself angrily almost cursing the lords name in my bitter ways.


When the door was locked I slumped against it my face burying into my hands... Now how I regretted running away from home.. How I wish to go back to my old life of books and safe houses... Nothing ever seem to go wrong there... So why did I run away? Bored... That's right but no I know there is something else... But I don't remember much when I passed through the rift to get to this dimension all I remember is my tutor looking very angry but after that... Nothing. It was like my mind was wiped cleaned. Closing my eyes I brought my knees to me resting my forehead on them I exhaled... When I can I'll make a break through... Bolt out of here if I can remember the spell that got me here in the first place... Without realizing it though I think I fell asleep... A deep dreamless sleep but hopefully I won't be waken... Then how... How can I go home if I don't wake...? Something whispered into my mind saying... "Here is better than home." Impossible... Absolutely impossible. My home is something that can never be better... No one can imitate it... My home is that of beautiful places... So why did I leave then if it was so damn beautiful? Freedom. That was it, freedom is the only thing that can enter my mind as I made a portal and left... But that's all I remember what I was after... All I have though is a deep love for my home. Just because my memories were wiped doesn't mean my feelings change at all... My tutor... I wonder what he was like... Probably a wise old fool that I use to torment... This couch was highly irritating... I kept tossing and turning so no I wasn't sleeping just in deep thought on the verge of sleep. Ugh why does everything have to be so damn complicated? I sat up my delicate fingers going through my hair as I glanced outside out the small window... Looking at the sky... It was the same as my home sky... SO does this mean that we all live under the same sky no matter what dimension we are from? It would seem so...Laying back down I closed my eyes and dreamed... A dream where the sky was filled with stars... Where there were a black and white light both clashing together almost in harmony... Something that no one can comprehend, not I even, even though I was the one having this dream... But I felt the clashing expected and slowly bringing a smile to my lips... The end of the world was coming... And I couldn't wait... How... Sadistic.

Chapter 2:


I awoke in the morning light having a weird dream last night left me so fatigue... My home... Well there was no home just darkness yet somehow I felt... That it was home... How strange it was for me to feel this way. Getting up I suddenly found myself in the kitchen not even remembering walking there. That's when I saw Cedric cooking to his hearts content. I stared at him for such a lengthy time that he must of taken notice to me finally turning around he greeted me with a smile.
"Good morning sleepy head it's about 11 close to noon so would you brunch?"
"Brunch...?" My tone taking that of a confused person.
Cedric blinked not understanding the question it almost seemed like then he threw back his head and sighed. "Wow you really are a dunce by earth standards."
I growled in warning advancing and grabbing his shirt, "For your information I can kill you in a blink of an eye." I know I was ruffling his plain red shirt that's when I notice he wasn't wearing any type of pants looking down slowly blushing I released him grumbling before turning away, "Get some pants on you look ridiculous."
But Cedric actually found my embarrassment funny... Fucking funny he thought my blush was, that bastard. (Yes I was getting acquainted with the language quite nicely in fact I was learning all the cuss words in one short day... Pity.) "Why should I? I'm in my own apartment. I can do as I please when I please."
I didn't turn to him but my hands gripped nails digging into my palms when I finally took notice of how his apartment looked... Despite the fact he was moving in the place looked like a mess... Papers already everywhere pots and pans not in one place... Boxes stacked as high as kingdom come how could he live like this? Such disorganization despite the fact that I had servants to do everything for me didn't mean that I didn't know how to clean up after myself... Grumbling I moved to a box standing on my tippy toes trying to get it down... How tall was someone to get it this high?! I thought to myself growling a little finally hand on the top only to have the whole stack fall on me... Yet Cedric watched didn't question or help in any way... I coughed struggling to get up yet he laughed.
"What are you doing?!" He said through the howls of laughter.
"Bastard! Help me!" I said shooting a hand up waving it around trying to signal S.O.S but hearing a thump confirmed my fear of that he wasn't going to help at all.
"Why should I? You've been grumpy since you got up but..." Hearing a sigh my hand was grabbed and he slid me out holding me against him kissing the back of my neck nuzzling deep, "You are so cute I swear."
"And you're a pervert." I muttered under my breath and shoved him away not like he was using much grip to keep me in place... And god knows how much stronger I was from him. But all I knew was that feeling him so close wasn't exactly all the comforting.
"Listen I don't have much visitors-" He started to state.
"Well obviously you practically rape them." I interrupted throwing a glare towards his way before I started to head back to my room that's when I heard.
"But you're the first person who stayed the night... That makes me so happy." Of course when he said that I disregarded it  as him just being a pervert... God damn he gets to people so easily.


When he got up to leave I watched him sorrow hitting my eyes I had a feeling he wasn't going to stay long... And the more I got clingy the more he seemed to shove me away sure I was already with someone else... But he's rarely around but I have needs too and he needs to learn to respect that also respect my decisions. But I know in the end I will come to regret ever getting together with Eric in the end he'll probably wind up killing me in the end. He's that much a psycho I know. Eric always gave me goosebumps rubbing my arms I slowly got up maybe it was time for me to get dressed...

After ten minutes or so I came out of my room and the... Apartment was... Spotless for the first time in... FOREVER... Something I was living in was spotless it was like a miracle... Like Santa came to my house with his stupid shrimp elves and cleaned the place leaving presents... Speaking of presents there was a table in the small kitchen but shoved to the side so people could ACTUALLY sit and EAT at the table. My eyes were wide by this  point oh gosh how I was starving... Standing looking around the kitchen what kind of magick was this? Well forget about who did hell if it was a robber must have been one hell of a gay one or someone who has OCD problems. (sadly though I am gay so I just dissed myself so that will be saved for another time.) Taking a seat I look down at my plate my stomach screaming in hunger...

After practically ripping the food apart I sat back then a thought came to my head... Where is Silver? Damn I was so concerned with my stomach sighing I ran to his room... Only to find that it was empty lower eye twitching in annoyance what the fuck was he thinking?!


Well of course I couldn't just leave his apartment a mess and I knew he was going to be hungry... It's not something I usually do especially for people who sexually harass me but... He did let me stay for a night and nearly saved my life it was the least I could do for him... It didn't take long which the spells I have to help the servants back in my realm clean... But using that much magick in this realm was so... Tiring... Within five minutes I was done cleaning and making him his so called 'brunch'...

When I was walking about in the back allies excitement was building in me... Bubbling up like a pot on the stove almost gave me shivers... But putting that aside I start to wonder what people think in this realm if only I had a spell-

Wait... I do stupid stupid me forgot about the spell that can make you gain knowledge faster all I need is a victim.  Ah perfect I hear footsteps stepping behind the big dumpster I sit there and wait for my victim... God I sound like a merciless killer but how else am I going to get my knowledge? There really was so other way so sliding out my book... I still didn't know the limitations of my own body in this realm but I believed that I could conjure up one more spell to fit the needs then maybe possibly I can rest. Oh how nice that sounded to have a nice fitting dream with nothing in it but my own thoughts... Exhaling I calmed my heart along with my breathing first rule of an assassin what I learned is to control the urges of excitement and strike when it is necessary. When I heard the person pause in hesitation I whip out my spell book and shouted the spell... But if I was properly train I would of known my bodies limits... Thus everything went black finally my dreamless deep sleep. But hearing the footsteps before I passed out somehow I knew in my heart Cedric had came for me...


I know following him wasn't right but what else was I supposed to do? The kid was going to get himself killed! I would know... I lived in the goddamn neighborhood and tried to save his life! And here I go again... Being the good guy. Rolling my eyes I contemplated on where he might have gone as I ran out of my apartment realizing though he probably didn't get too far. He's probably just out exploring so with further hesitation I wondered down an ally way but luck must be my lady today for he came out shouting something in gibberish... Seeing a bright light though I flinched taking a step back but when the air cleared there was nothing but Silver on the ground unconscious what an idiot... What was he thinking? First examining myself to see for any cuts or bruises then looked at him with a sigh... Wow why WAS I taking in a loon that can do cool magic tricks?

Throwing him in the corner was all I could do at the moment in the only spare room I had which was where I wrote my stories on my computer. I didn't have a couch nor did I have bed... I observed him though as he slept his face twitching.... Was he dreaming? But such beautiful skin he had so fair... Kneeling down caressing his cheek as he slept he seem to be oblivious to all that was around him... I wonder... Leaning I pressed my lips against him smooth like dark chocolate almost addicting... I kissed him deeper letting my tongue slide in through his weak lips rubbing my tongue against him... His breath so hot though I practically had to kill myself to drag myself away from him that's when I saw... A slow smile came to his lips snickering I went out not knowing what he was dreaming... Maybe something sexual he'll tell me in years come and we can both laugh about after I tell him about how I was so close to raping him in his sleep... My hands went through my platinum hair as I left the room...

Standing in front of a window I stared out it as my big dog, Sam, nudged against my elbow... Reaching behind I pet him trying to lessen his worry but not it wouldn't... I sighed beneath my lips before leaving the window going to my own room landing on the bed smoothly... Oh the satin black sheets feel so nice that I felt myself slowly drifting off thinking of Silver... His name was always so sweet against the tongue how can I resist him...? How...? Before my thought could be finished I fell into a deep uncomfortable sleep... So aroused...

The dream I had was of Silver him underneath me we were joined together in such passion it was hard to believe... That hearing his cries so loudly into the night would cause me to come so quickly... He whispered his love to me in my ear... Yet somehow it didn't sound like his voice it sounded like Eric... Some twisted mixed up dream this was...

When my eyes opened slowly I rubbed my head looking about it was already dark... The lunatic should be up by now or went back to sleep... Either or I doubt he has left this apartment again knowing full well I can track him and drag him back...I yawned and felt a slight tingle run all over my body I groaned... God I was aroused... So bad too... Cold shower time.


I heard the shower come on it was hard not to since anything you did in this apartment it reverberated out into the other rooms. I thought about that dream of that person... Mysterious guy looking at me with such kindness in his eyes... I wanted to reach out and touch his face his eyes... Were the deepest green like a pasture in spring time his skin was so smooth and snowy white... It's hard to resist such a kind face... He came to me though and kissed me gently the kissed felt so real though that when I woke up... My lips were moist from the kiss and soft... God I must be put to death with such insanity. I buried my head in my hands in such embarrassment... God how can I be thinking of such things in a time like this? What DID my mind want that I couldn't provide? I have everything... Everything yet nothing at the same time... Tears flooded my eyes streaming down like waterfalls or a babbling brook... I brought my knees under my chin sobbing loudly not caring if Cedric would hear me though I doubt since he was in the shower...

"I want to go home...I want to go home..." I whispered like a little kid rocking back and forth in the feeble position like a little kid... I felt that way... I wanted to go home to where things made sense... I wanted... Something normal... MY normal...
"Well unless there is a taxi to nutsville don't think you are going home." When I lifted my head I saw Cedric standing there in nothing but a towel... That's when my anger rose.
"What do you know about my home?! And do you ever put on clothes?!" I said grabbing a near by object (which just happened to be a book) and chucked  it at him with such fury. But of course Cedric avoided with ease not even batting an eye.
"Listen. Again. It's my apartment. My apartment my rules... Got that? Now pick up that book. You worked so hard to clean up the apartment... Let's keep it like that ya?"
Growling I didn't move looking away I looked to the side and when I heard his steps leave I sighed... Nothing like home... Nothing at all...

After a half hour or so I got up and picked up the book it was indeed going to be a long... VERY long time here in the earth realm... What am I going to do? How should I get home...? Such questions fused around in my mind that I forgot what I was doing...

Chapter 3:


I starred out the window still in my towel... Just to piss the kid off a little bit he needs to get mad a little... It's healthy this way... Plus the more I piss him off the more he wouldn't want to be around me and I can live my life in peace... Pushing people away is my specialty look at Eric  he gets pissed at me every two seconds... Soon he'll break it off with me and I will be left alone just like how it should be... Living my life in solitude... Ever since this began I was blessed with a curse.... If I could I would of told Eric that my heart doesn't just beat for him... It beats for two now... But that would defiantly drive him out of my life forever...  How most interesting I live better by living alone... Tis defiantly true and it makes me want to cry to think this way... But what is one to do with it...? Nothing just... Nothing... Cause there is nothing one can do about my depression. A therapist...? Maybe I need to seek one-

My thoughts were interrupted by a light knock at the door without realizing it I was dressed in jeans and in the middle of putting on my shirt... Sliding the light blue shirt down I went to door opening it. And to my surprise there was the I was thinking about... Silver I rose an eyebrow towards his direction he didn't seem to look me in the eyes.
"Sorry." He said after a minute or so of just dead air silence but I rose an eyebrow but before I could ask what he was sorry about he continued. "I'm sorry for yelling... I'm sorry for trying to tell you what to do... You're right this is your apartment and such."
Just when I thought this kid couldn't get any weirder he broke the barrier of weirdness shaking my head I ruffled his hair giving him a gentle shove. "Hey nothing to be sorry about so stop sulking." I snickered and to see the expression on his face of a smile I felt my heart skip a beat... Such a gentle smile to see on his face I had to turn away before I kissed him.  His smile was like that of gentle river at sun set... So soothing... "Anyways I've been avoiding making dinner long enough just go do something until I'm finish alright?"
When I turned around though he was gone, good sometime to myself. Wiping my forehead I realized I needed this kid out of my life faster than one could to thirty...

In the kitchen I was dicing in thought but at the same time being carefully aware of my fingers feeling the need to cry tug at my heart... A cry out in struggle of trying to keep reality intact was easier said than done... I too was starting to lose myself just as the kid has lost himself I don't believe in all that other realm crap... I mean I must be losing it since I am falling in love with Silver after a day of knowing him... Impossible but it feels like I've known him for a lifetime... Now I didn't believe in a heaven or a hell but I did believe in rebirth... Maybe we met in some other lifetime in some other time... But no it just wasn't that he reminds me of someone but of who...? WHO could he possibly remind me of....? Rubbing my temples I sit back as I let the soup boil on the stove for a little bit getting up every now and then to check on it my mind continued to wonder about Silver of who he might have been... Who he might become... And what do I have to do to sooth my aching heart from becoming overkill......

I sat there at this thing that I learned was called a computer trying to figure it out... But my hands moved on their own gliding not even realizing what I was doing, lights flash and pictures began to move... What kind of witchcraft was this? So foreign to me... As I just skim over everything I feel the need to write... Something that was gnawing at the pit of my stomach as I guided my hand to certain documents labeled, (and reading it out loud in a monotone as if I've always seen this before when in fact it was the first time I saw it tonight.) "Silver Bells" Was this a mockery of some sort? Who uses my name for a book title? But this is the first time though I've seen a book on a glowing screen in my realm all books are hand written. Of course also where I come from I am worshiped as a prince should be worshiped. Without realizing it, when I clicked on the document and started to read, I actually started to type... At the same time though thoughts just kept going through my mind that I was writing down... What was going on with me...? Confusion seem to just disappear altogether in my mind...

An hour would pass by before a knock came making me jump out of my skin... Cedric poked his head into the room without warning raising an eyebrow, "Who knew you could be scared so easily." He snickered but slowly... His cocking attitude faded when he saw that his story was up on the screen. "And what the hell do you think you're doing!?"
I was just still trying to get over the shock of him scaring me that I lagged to say what was going on... "I...I mean..."
When he came striding over he yanked me out of the chair in a glare holding me up in the air... But I looked at him with a slow ease settling in my stomach. I thought he was going to punch me I honestly did but instead he dropped me on my feet. "Go eat dinner is ready..." Was all he said before shoving me out the door slamming the door shut the wooden frame shaking... Even I was shaking a little with fear...

Once in the kitchen I heard a mile of curses coming from my quarters but I didn't go back there to see what was going on... Maybe he just needed some alone time... Everyone did it would seem tonight... And he's so set on being alone should just give him what he wants... Filling the bowl I had in my hands with soup I sat down eating nonchalantly... Thinking about new story ideas I didn't even want to eat I wanted to write... But just as the thoughts came they went when Cedric came storming right up to me... My face blank of emotions I looked up to him... His face was cherry red I rose an eyebrow,
"Yes? What's wrong? Don't look at me with anger." I said slowly smirking leaning back in my chair somehow... I felt cocky.
"You... You... YOU'VE RUINED ME!" Cedric said with as much anger as he could muster up in a sentence... With as much acid as he can pour into each word... The heavens felt like they were shaking he acted as if the sky was falling... I don't even think the gods of my land would be able to stick up to him... To punish him... Too much fear would be stricken in their hearts... Even the god of Dragons would seem like a lizard compared to his anger... He has dumbstruck me into silence now what was he so mad about... I was about to ask but he shoved papers into my face as he continued to speak. "I leave you alone for an HOUR an HOUR and you make me look like a fool!" HE slammed his manuscript onto the ground growling. "How could you do this to me?! HUH?!" His anger kept escalating from highs to lows... Highs... Lows... I dunno what I felt anymore in myself I was numb with fear... How can a man make me feel so... Powerless?
"I...I'm sorry..." I whispered helplessly slowly backing into a corner biting lower lip... I didn't take well to being yelled at this wasn't something that happened in my homeland... Why...? This fear only lasted for a moment however when I finally found my back bone I got right up in his face. "For your information I made your book better! Don't go around yelling at me! You should read it before making assumptions that I have ruined you for life!" I growled before I could get out another word though in a quick movement I was on the floor... So many stars could be seen in my vision I couldn't clearly make out anything... My face was slowly becoming heavy as if someone took out the blood in my face replacing it with sand. I felt some blood dribble along with my spit... He hit me he actually hit me...


I hit him I actually hit him...I was so surprised in myself I actually paused fist in the air... Looking down at him his lip was split so watching the blood ooze I felt horrible... Like shit... Picking him up he was too dazed to really fight back hell for all I knew he probably had a concussion but no... I know he wouldn't have one unless he started to puke then that was a different story... Taking him back to his room I laid him down on a makeshift bed watching him... He seemed to be in shock, great, this kid... He swore under his breath walking to the window looking out it... Finally Silver spoke up,
"Damn you to hell and back!"
I would slowly laugh at his comment turning to him smirking, "Well I'm fucking glad you're ok." Strutting over to him I looked down at him as he tried to untangle himself from the sheets I so neatly tucked around him. "Don't move you're going to hurt yourself." I warned him.
"Or you'll chop off my head." He said still trying to struggle within the cocoon.
I shrugged and chuckled softly, "Or that but I did warn you keep that in mind." I said with a slight smile... But this pleasant conversation was interrupted by a knock to the front door... I left Silver there to deal with himself while I excused myself to go answer it... I didn't know how fucked up more my life was going to get until I opened that door when things took a turn to Alice in Wonderland style... Something I was not prepared for but all the while I was.  When I opened the door I looked at a girl who seem to be white as a sheet... While the friends that seem to follow up after her were grinning like wolves. Confusion struck me instantly, how strange they dressed like Silver. Well the girl's two friends, one was a chick with an almost flat chest and a space like outfit that seem to stick out at weird angles... Were those... Wings I see on the space chick? I rubbed my eyes but the black wings with red specks like blood did not go away... Then the man who seem to have his arm around the ghost girl was just as white as she was. But he was grinning, I saw two sharp fangs yet his eyes were a light blue like ice... The smile reflecting perfectly with his eye color. He wore simple clothing like that back in the ancient days where no one much cared except to cover themselves. My attention focused back to the sweet like girl raising an eyebrow, "And you are?"
I asked instantly leaning against the door frame but the girl seem to shake as she spoke... But not once stuttering it would seem which caught me a little off guard.
"Does a man named Silver live here?"
I frowned at the question not even a proper introduction... How rude.
"Who wants to know?" I said my tone cold I swear shards of ice could of come out of my mouth and hit the girl in the eyes... Not that I would mind of course. Already she irritated me bringing her weird friends. What more was she going to throw out after demanding for Silver?
But the space chick laughed and placed a hand over the ghost chick's mouth. "Excuse my friend she can be... Straight cut throat if ya know what I mean. Introductions always come first. My name is Nyx this is Raegan..." She gestured to the ghost boy. "And this finally is Sparrow." She gestured to the ghost girl. Ugh this party was already giving me a headache I already had one spoiled brat living here I didn't need three more. Let's see if I can narrow this down... Nyx in my eyes resembles the red queen from Alice in Wonderland...Raegan represented the red knight who's name escapes my lips at the moment. Or did he even have a name? I would have to revisit that story to be made sure of... And Sparrow looked to be an Alice from that same exact book for that matter. God did all the characters have to look so... So ghastly? I rolled my eyes after a minute of silence and the three whispering among themselves as if I wasn't in the room.
"Listen I have no idea of who you speak about... So if you would so kindly leave.." I said gesturing out as if swatting a shoe fly... But Sparrow grabbed my hand, blinking back in amazement that's when I finally noticed her... A young girl who looked to be around 18...17 maybe? But she had long flowing black hair that touched the mid of her back... Her green eyes piercing and her figure close to flawless... But yet she looked to be too skinny as if she hadn't eaten (or had very little) in weeks.
"Please sir... Just... Just let me explain everything I promise I will be out of your hair if you let me tell you my story."
I took this into consideration... Three more nuisances out of my hair? I shrugged and threw open the door all the way. "Fine then enter. But if one thing goes missing I track you all down with nasty blood hounds." I snickered and walked inside with them lingering after me... Two of them seem to wonder off into the apartment... I didn't mind. I let them in fact not caring cause after this girl tells her story they will all be out of my hair soon enough.
"Just make this quick little girl... Seriously I gotta get done with my book." I sat down on the couch and she sat across from me in a chair.
The girl chuckled softly as if found something quite amusing, "But sir... This will take a while for my tale is very long... But first I must start from the beginning-"
"Can't you just give me a synapses of the beginning middle and end? I have work to do and right now you all make me want to shoot myself in the head." I grumbled interrupting her... With that I got a glare of course... She slowly rose and slammed her hand on the coffee table and growled the slamming having an echo affect... Her eyes fierce with anger livid with insanity as if I was her last straw and she was about to shoot up the place.
"Listen you, I will tell you my story and you will fucking be quiet! I've had it up to here with complaining and I won't take it anymore!"
The yelling only made me want to punch the girl, "Listen I don't fucking care just get on with it." I said trying to keep my composure best as possible... But of course what little patience I had left was worn down completely by now so I growled... I dunno if it sounded like 'sit your punk ass down.' but it got the chick to calm down so my work was down I cross my arms over my chest... Waiting for her... I don't know how much time passed by it seemed endless... I can even hear the clock ticking in the kitchen. Did someone make time stop...? No then I wouldn't be able to hear the ticking of the clock... Well maybe time stopped around Sparrow for she didn't move for a while... Or at least it would seem that way... I tapped my foot impatiently as she seem to stare in the same place... At the tops of my feet. She licked her lips in thought was this something she always did? Well of course it's not as annoying chewing gum while smacking your lips... Nothing is worse than that.


The day I decided to wake up and get on with my life is the day I didn't know was going to be my last day on earth. I woke up like any other day, bright, early, and in a fowl mood. My mother had knocked on my door and said in her pretend sweet song voice that breakfast was ready. God the one thing that annoyed me the most was when she was pretending to be this perfect family that we weren't. But trying to push that feeling aside I padded downstairs in pitch black pajama bottoms that was close to engulfing both my feet. And a tight black tank top... My mom used to say all the time that black made my skin look so sickly pale... But I always seem to see it differently. I saw things in a whole new perspective than my mom did... It will always be that way.
Just a story I wrote a while back put in storage but now brought it to light again... Looks more fancy in word.
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